Saturday, July 30, 2011

We're still here!

Don't worry! We are still here! We have been doing our monthly giveaways via GET LOADED at the Baglady. Have you taken advantage of it yet? You have ONE MORE MONTH to do so before we will resume our monthly giveaway on the blog.

Here's how it works:
On the last Friday of August, shop on by and ask to "GET LOADED!" The Bagladys will sell you a $100 gift card and then add $25 on for FREE! (Fine Print: Cannot be used on day of purchase, on sale items, and expires within 60 days)

We have also added a sale room to the shop. Any old Market customers back when Ginny owned it? Remember that glorious sale room in the back that always had just what you needed at a price you loved?! Well, she does and decided to turn our dressing room into the sale room! Come and see for yourself ;)

Shop on by, we'd LOVE to see you!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Spring" into Baglady for a SNEAK PEEK!

Time's Up!!
 And the Winner is #8, Leslie Newcomb!!!! We will be contacting you with your prize info! 
Don't worry, we've got another giveaway that starts soon!

Hello readers!

Pardon my lengthy absence, the Headbag has been keepin' the Princess busy this time of year, and boy have we done a lot in the past few weeks. Here's a recap:

We decided to have a Spring Open House this year and to prepare for it we painted. Yup, PAINTED in Baglady...did you notice? There's a bright pink wall and turquoise wall that have been introduced in the shop! We moved around a few areas and added some new home decor items along with baby clothes and gifts! 

We became a Lindsay Phillips Destination Shop this year and are very excited about the growth of her line of fabulous year-round shoes. We hosted our first Spring Event this month and it was such a fun day with some LP fans and some girls who met the LP line for the first time! We are excited for our fall event and all the NEW fall shoes and accessories!
**"LP" is Lindsay Phillips

With Mother's Day around the corner, we are gathering a lot of gift ideas for that special woman in your life! Along with graduation gifts, too!

So, now to the most important part of this post: the GIVEAWAY!
It's starting to be just beautiful outside and that makes the bags wanna clean! We thought what better than a SPRING CLEANING SET GIVEAWAY for our fans?! We've put it together and it's sitting all nice & pretty by the cash register just waiting for its owner to take it home and put 'er to use!

How to enter:
1. Must follow this blog
2. Must leave a comment WITH an email!!!!!!
3. Tell us in your comment what you're looking forward to this Spring!

Ends May 15, 2011 at 11:59PM!

Happy Thursday {Meaning it's almost Friday!!!!!},
The Retail Princess

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Time" for Spring...AND Another Giveaway!

And the winner is...
Entry #10: Brittany! You will receive an email for further instructions. Thank you to everyone for entering and commenting. Don't forget to check us out for March's giveaway and everything in between! 

Can The Princess get a "WHOOP WHOOP" from her followers?! Punxsutawney Phil has forcasted an early Spring showing. I know what may be going through your mind--Um, does P. Phil know what's been going on above him the last few weeks? Let's be optimistic, people! Feel that beautiful ray of sunshine today! Think happy thoughts of bright colors, pretty flowers, and less clothes! ...Well, you know what I mean, no more layering up with the long john's, socks and Uggs, or cute, matching scarves and gloves. {side note: I might miss my cute, matching scarves and mittens.}

Ok, so the reason for the blog post and what you all have been waiting for:

What are we giving away this time? What does THE Retail Princess have up her sleeve? Well, as some of you may know, I was given the opportunity to temp in one of my favorite showroom's at America's Mart Atlanta 2011. OneCoast is the largest and only national wholesale provider of gift, home, fashion accessories and collegiate products to retailers throughout the United States. They carry FABULOUS lines! One of which is S.T.A.M.P.S. watches, and whom I had the pleasure of working closely with for a few days during market. 

So, what's so special about these watches? They are INTERCHANGEABLE STAMP-SHAPED WATCHES. Here's the breakdown: pick your strap, pick a face, pick your style. Here are a few of my fave combo's:

Aren't they so much fun?! Obviously there are a TON of other combos you can create, and more faces coming your way this summer, too! 

Here's the skinny on S.T.A.M.P.S.:
-Made by Citizen/Swatch {aka- these people KNOW their watches, they are TIME people, people!}
-All the bands are leather {Except the silicon & patent bands}
-Over 45 faces and GROWING {they release NEW designs TWICE a year}
-Fun accessories 
-Faces are warrantied for 2 years {A company that stand behind their product is a VERY good thing}
-Just another way for you to be fashion forward in a timely fashion {Ok, I'm done with the jokes...but, c'mon, you laughed. You know it.}

How to Enter:
1. Make sure you're a follower of this blog
2. Leave a comment on this blog about your favorite pasttimes.
3. LEAVE YOUR EMAIL!!!!! No email, no entry! The Princess had to be able to contact you about your prize.....

Which is....


Ready, set, GOOD LUCK! Contest ends February 20th at 11:59 P.M.!

The Retail Princess

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boss is Going Out of Town!

It's that time again, the time of year when the headbag goes off to market and the other bags are left alone in the shop...hmm, whatever will they do without our awesome headbag leading the way?

Maybe, I should back up here for a second and explain all this "bag" name throwing around...Well, it's called Baglady Boutique, so naturally, the girls get those moments of shear genius and decide to give a nickname to all the girls in the shop. Like, Ginny, our owner, is dubbed the honorable Headbag title. Me, THE Retail Princess, accepts the title of Futurebag. Stacey, our fun & fresh employee, is dubbed the Newbag {that is until she earns a title of her true character}. And so on, and so forth...ask any of the girls their "bag" name and see what they say.

Now that I've explained all this name-calling going on, we can continue with the real reason for this post...

Like I said, the Headbag and her Retail Princess will be leaving the shop for a few days for the most glorious time of the year: MARKET!!! What is market you ask? Oh, boy! It's just the most fabulous thing on earth for anyone in the retail industry. We, as owners, get to attend shows where entrepreneurs, established companies, and many others alike gather together to show off their fun, new products for the following season. Yours truely will actually be working in one of the showrooms, fullfilling a major dream of mine to actually be hired by this particular showroom one day.

One thing that's always fun to look forward to is the after market collage. You will be able to find it via blog, facebook, twitter, and email!

Now, on to the most important part:

I think you'll like what the leftover bags decided to put on sale, happy shopping!

{The} Retail Princess

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New GIVEAWAY!!

TIMES UP!! And the winner is...

 Congrats, Mollygurl55! Email me at
to claim your prize!

Happy New Year!!! We have had such a great 2010 and felt so blessed by you guys, we can't wait to see what the new year brings!

Bringing me to our first blog of two-oh-double-one: 3 Designing Women....

How fun are these?! What are these? Let me let you in on a little Baglady secret: interchangeable address stamps, aka a stress-reliever when it comes to those pesky bills, a splash of color & fun when it comes to office work, and, for those of you who are unique in all you do, this is the product for you!

Let me break it down for you: You pick your design, decide your personal elements to add, order online OR in the shop, and within 5-7 business days enjoy your new *interchangeable* stamp! There are hundreds of styles to choose from and as long as you stay within the character count, you can order your last name, last initial, Mr.&Mrs. names, whatever you want! But that's not all....

Remember I said *interchangeable*? Once you receive your customized stamp, come back to the shop and view alllll the accessories. Just to name a few:
-Change your stamp color
-Change your STAMP to a themed pack {such as Weddings, Office, Gift Giver, etc.}
-Paper goods to showcase your fun, new stamp {such as wine tags, notecards, personal stationary, etc.}

        {Sample of a few things you can find in the Office pack}

So, here's the deal, Baglady is going to GIVEAWAY a customized stamp pack {valued at $30} to one lucky follower!
How to Enter 
Become a follower of this blog and leave a comment answering this question: "What will you use your stamp for?" 
We will then choose a lucky winner using
You have until Sunday, January 9th at 8pm!
Ready, set, gooo!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Coming...

Girls, we've seen the website.
It's pretty.
It's fun.
It's totally us.

The long awaited website is nearing its final touch-up phase and we are SOOO ecstatic to bring you a fully functional website complete with all our info, links for all the places you can find out, upcoming events, and MORE MORE MORE!!!

We are so grateful for this wonderful holiday season you have blessed us with--the new faces we've seen, the familiar faces we laugh with, and even your wonderful hubbies who've come in knowing exactly what is on your wishlist. We are excited to bring you more wonderful and NEW items in 2011 and look forward to seeing you again soon!

the bags

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Weeellllcooomee Back."

Ok, so we aren't welcoming you back per say, but what's a blog post without some fun song lyrics?!
The Bagladys want to officially invite you to our new Baglady blog as written by their very own THE Retail Princess.
Because of Facebook terms, we are unable to feature items, do contests, and be the fun Bagladys we can be without getting put into Facebook prison. {It's fine, FB, we still love ya! But now on to bigger and better...}
Why read our blog? I mean, it's just another website to check, right?
Girls, listen to me. This is BIG! This blog is going to be the hot spot to discovering Baglady products NEW and OLD, CONTESTS GALORE, and invites to special events happening at Baglady.
Basically, you just need to subscribe to our new little blog so you can be kept in the loop ANND we will update you via email if there's something you just NEEED to know! If you have the time, we invite you to follow along with us and enjoy the Ramblings of the Retail Princess.

Thanks for stopping by, we'll be posting a NEW Chelsea's Choice coming soon!

Shop on by, we'd love to see you,

The Retail Princess